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We take care of establishing a frame of reference in everything related to a company’s data: people, procedures, technologies, accessibility, integrity and usability. We help you clean, transform and merge a data set into structural data within your own data warehouse. data.

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Data Management Association

With this international methodology for professionals, data management consists of promoting and facilitating the development of a data management culture, becoming the reference for organizations in the order and management of information, providing resources, training and knowledge about the subject.


Data cleaning is the process of identifying, correcting, or removing inaccurate, incomplete, duplicate, or irrelevant information from a data set. In CHV this is a fundamental part of the data management process since it involves several steps, such as the identification of outliers, the elimination of duplicate records and the correction of input or format errors. It is crucial to improve the quality of any process that depends on data and make informed decisions.


The data model design defines how data is structured and organized in a database. ETL is a process used to move data from one system to another and prepare it for analysis. At CHV we understand that Both are essential for efficient data management and together they can improve data quality and decision-making based on it.


Building pipelines is the creation of an automated sequence of tasks that run sequentially to process and analyze data. It is essential for the automation of data processing, helps to standardize the workflow and ensures the consistency of the results. Pipelines are used in data analysis, data science, machine learning, and software engineering.


A data catalog is a database that contains detailed information about the data stored in an organization. It is a data management tool that allows you to search for and access the data that users need. Data catalogs are essential for data governance and collaboration, helping to reduce the time spent searching for data and understanding its meaning.

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